A health warning has been issued to parents all over the world, after researchers of a new study into buying breast milk online deemed the practice “dangerous”.


The study, conducted for the British Medical Journal, found that feeding babies with breast milk that has been purchased over the internet can leave them open to serious health risks.


While the concept of buying breast milk online may seem unusual, the study found that for many mums who can’t breastfeed themselves, this often seems like a good alternative.


“This option might seem the better choice if one can’t breastfeed. What mothers don’t realise is that this market is dangerous, putting infant health at risk,” the report read.



The study also stated that this milk should be screened for hepatitis B and C and HIV if it is going to be sold online, and medical experts have called for more strict rules regarding sales of the milk.


Previous research has shown that milk bought online tends to contain more bacteria due to lack of pasteurisation as well as poor shipping and storage.