Joseph Brown-Lartey from Manchester was just 25 when the car he was driving was hit by 18-year-old Addil Haroon, who had broken a red light at 80mph.


Addil, who had no licence or insurance, was given a six-year sentence after pleading guilty to dangerous driving.


Before the fatal accident, the teenager had posted a photo on Snapchat, writing: “Leeds to Rochdale in 11 mins catch me [sic]”.


Joseph’s parents, Ian and Dawn Brown-Lartey, have described the sentencing as a "slap in the face", before adding the emergency services described the crash as the worst “they had ever seen.”



“We will never get over the loss of our beautiful son Joseph, who had his whole life ahead of him,” said Ian and Dawn.


“The law needs to change so that sentences for causing death by dangerous driving reflect the crime.”


As part of their campaign to get tougher sentencing for dangerous drivers, the 25-year-old’s parents have parked the wrecked car outside the Houses of Parliament to make the Government sit up and take notice.



Hoping to educate young drivers, they said: “We can’t bring Joseph back, but what we can do is campaign in his name to stop other families going through what we are.”


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