A fourteen-year-old Indonesian girl has been reunited with her family after spending ten years apart.
Jannah (centre of photo) and her seven-year-old brother were swept away when the tsunami hit in 2004, and their parents had lost all hope of finding their children alive.
However, when Jannah’s uncle noticed a girl, who looked very similar to his long lost niece, walking home from school on a remote island, he investigated further. He found out that the girl had been caught up in the tsunami and a fisherman had rescued her and brought her back to his mother to raise.
Jannah’s mum Jamaliah (left of photo) and her husband then visited the girl, now called Wenni, and couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw their four-year-old daughter all grown up in front of them. Her mum said:
“My heart beat so fast when I saw her. I hugged her and she hugged me back and felt so comfortable in my arms.
“My husband and I are very happy. I am so grateful to God for reuniting us with our child after ten years of being separated.”
Jannah returned home with her parents on Wednesday. Her brother, Arif Pratama Rangkuti, is also believed to have been swept away to the same island, but his whereabouts are yet unknown.