A new report from the United Nations highlighting Yemen's current humanitarian crisis has found that a child dies every ten minutes in the Arab country - from preventable causes. 


"Overall, the plight of children remains grim: a child under the age of ten dying every ten minutes of preventable causes," Stephen O’Brien, the UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, told the Security Council.



Shockingly,  2.2 million babies are suffering from acute malnourishment and 80 percent of the entire population are in need of  food aid; there are fears that a famine could become a reality on 2017.


“The conflict in Yemen is now the primary driver of the largest food security emergency in the world,” O’Brien explained.  



“If there is no immediate action, famine is now a possible scenario for 2017."



The organisation is now calling for a ceasefire to allow urgently needed deliveries of humanitarian aid and to resume political talks on ending the war that has been in existance since March 2015.