The day a mother takes her daughter to be fitted for her first bra is always a memorable occasion. It’s a sign that your daughter is growing up so emotions can be a little mixed for mums. It can also be a time of excitement and even nervousness for your daughter. If your daughter is a little nervous, try to reassure her that wearing a bra will help her to feel more comfortable and confident.
How to approach buying her first bra
It’s essential that your daughter gets professionally fitted for her first bra. It’s common knowledge that many women wear the wrong bra size which can cause a lot of discomfort. Your daughter may be a little uncomfortable about the thoughts of being fitted by the sales assistant but simply reassure her by telling her that they do this every day for girls of all shapes and sizes.
If it helps you can explain to your daughter that the sales assistant will take two measurements, one under the breasts (for the width)and one across the fullest part of the breasts (for the cup size). This will enable them to decide the right size, for example  32A.
Many lingerie brands will carry ‘first bra’ lines which are designed to be soft and comfortable. Some girls prefer to wear crop tops first and then advance to wearing a bra. If your daughter has larger breasts, she may prefer wearing an underwire bra for comfort and increased support.
How to give advice about wearing the first bra
You can show your daughter when you get home how to put on her first bra. The main thing is to reassure her that while she may feel uncomfortable at first she will soon get used to the idea of wearing a bra. You should tell her that there is no need to wear a bra at night and show her how to pop her bras into a wash bag in order to protect them in the wash. It’s a good habit to get into!