Foods to avoid: 6 foods that make you look older

If antioxidants are natures anti-aging products, then the following 6 foods have the reverse effect. Unfortunately the naughty foods tend to be the ones we love best or even crave, but if you want to remain looking youthful and to age gracefully cut down or eliminate the following foods:
Excess intake of sugar can age you. Collagen is vital for skin elasticity, but sugars can attach to collagen, making the skin less flexible which promotes wrinkles developing. Fizzy drinks, sweets, etc. come under this heading also.
Trans Fats
Trans fats are vegetable oils which are bonded with hydrogen which prolong the shelf life of processed foods. The body treats these unnatural fats as saturated fats and they can behave like cholesterol by clogging and stiffing arteries and small blood vessels which has an aging effect on your skin. Look out for the term 'partially hydrogenated vegetable oil' on your food labels.
Salt is essential to your body, but excessive salt will dehydrate you. Dehydration makes you feel exhausted, which in turn makes you look tired and haggard
Sorry about this one, but coffee and caffeinated products also have the effect of dehydrating you, making you look tired and the worse for wear.
Like salt and caffine, the excessive consumption of alcohol will also dehydrate you but can also cause reddening and puffiness of the skin.
Fried Food
Fried food contributes to collagen breaking down in your skin, which looses it elasticity and wrinkles develop. Fried foods also contributes to spots breaking out with can damage and scar your skin.
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