French pharmacy brand Avène launch XeraCalm A.D Soothing Concentrate for eczema-prone skin

French pharmacy brand Avène has become Ireland’s answer to soothing eczema-prone and dry skin with its XeraCalm A.D range. As the temperature begins to drop and the winter sets in, Irish skin can become problematic. The seasonal transition can deplete the skin's natural moisture, making it susceptible to discomfort, especially for those dealing with eczema which according to Allergy Ireland, 1 in 10 Irish adults and 1 in 5 children suffer with. Not only that, the temptation to indulge in hot baths or showers during the colder months can aggravate the issue. Hot water can compromise the skin's protective barrier, leading to increased dryness and itching by disrupting its ability to retain essential moisture.

This is why Avène has just launched its brand new XeraCalm Soothing Concentrate, which promises to immediately soften and smooth dry and itchy areas on the face and body.

This innovative soothing concentrate is formulated with i-modulia, Avène’s patented post-biotic active ingredient which not only reduces itching and redness, but also stimulates the skin’s defences and fights irritation. Cer-Omega and Ultraconcentrated Plant Oil nourishes, strengthens and restores the skin’s barrier with ‘ceramide–like’ biomimetic molecules and omega 6 plant oil. Combined with Avène’s iconic thermal water, known for its naturally soothing and softening properties, this SOS concentrate provides immediate relief to problem areas including hands, feet, arms, neck and eyes which are prone to become dry and itchy.

  • Moisturises with an immediate anti-scratch action.
  • Fights against feelings of discomfort.
  • Ultra-concentrated protective and restoring complex Reduces extreme peaks of dryness to restore skin’s comfort.
  • Ideal for itchy areas.
  • Sterile Cosmetics keeps the product sterile throughout thanks to the innovative hermetic packaging Optimal respect for the skin and the skin's microbiome.
  • Itching is reduced by 69% immediately after application.
  • Hydration is increased by +75% 1 hour after application.

Avène’s Training and Scientific Communications Manager Melanie Black describes the product as “An incredible addition to the XeraCalm family, an SOS product to take on the go with you to soothe and calm the skin throughout the day with double the concentration of I-modulia, our calming active that also helps reduce itching due to dryness”.



XeraCalm Lipid- Replenishing Cleansing Oil 400ml (RRP: €22.50)


XeraCalm Lipid- Replenishing Cream 200ml (RRP: €25.00) or Balm 200ml (RRP: €26.75)


XeraCalm Soothing Concentrate 50ml (RRP: €17.50)

Available from pharmacies nationwide and online at