Game-changer: Never run out of printer ink AGAIN with this new service


We’re tuned into our children’s homework, and we have lost count of the number of times we’ve jumped in – whether asked to or not – to help out with a particular project or assignment.


If you’re anything like us, then you will know only too well the frustration of being in the middle of printing out an assignment, only for the ink to run out. It really is infuriating!


While we usually have to dry tears of panic from the faces of our little ones, and hop in the car to pick up a new cartridge, there is another way – and it’s like our prayers have been answered.


This week, HP Ireland launched Instant Ink, an innovative, subscription-based printing service.


The service works as follows: you sign up for one of three monthly plans, and your printer will monitor your ink levels. HP Instant Ink will then detect when your levels are running low and automatically place an order for a replacement cartridge – which is delivered to your door!


So, basically, you don’t need to worry about running out of ink at the last minute ever again – because HP Instant Ink will have everything in order.




Not only is this service super-handy and efficient, but it’s also been estimated that it could save customers up to 70 percent – that equates to a whopping €564 – on ink costs a year.


That’s over €500 you could be putting towards a nice sunny getaway with the family – not too shabby at all!


So, how does the service work? Well, there are three monthly pricing plans to choose from - €2.99 for a 50-page plan; €4.99 for a 100-page plan, and €9.99 for a 100-page plan. You enrol for one of these plans, insert your Instant Ink cartridge into a compatible printer, and the process begins.


Once you’re set up, your printer will continually send its ink levels to HP, and the message will be sent to have your replacement cartridge delivered. The cost of delivery is included in the plan, too, so there is no extra cost to you – super!


Commenting on this impressive new service, HP Ireland’s Managing Director, Gary Tierney said: “At HP, we’re continually reinventing our products and services to meet the evolving needs of customers and deliver technology that makes life better for everyone.


"Taking this approach to consumer printing, HP has developed a service that reinvents home printing and can reduce customer costs by hundreds of Euros.”


The HP Instant Ink service is available now from Currys PC World and Harvey Norman retail stores across Ireland.

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