When it comes to feeding your toddler, it is so easy for mums to make two separate dinners: one for them and one more pleasing to their youngster. However, this is not really a road that is recommended to go down, as you will end up cooking so many different meals for each of your children as they get older.
It is important that you introduce them to the same food as you from an early age, so that they grow up knowing that what you eat is what they eat. Here are five ways to help you get started:
Don’t give them too many choices
One or two dinner or lunch choices is plenty for your child to make them feel like they aren't being forced to eat certain food but too many choices can overwhelm your child, and they will never be satisfied with what you give them.
Respect them
However, while it is important you don’t give them too many choices and give them a wide variety of foods you also need to be wary about what it is that they don’t like. While you shouldn’t omit it entirely from their diet, reintroducing it every now and then will mean they won’t feel like you are trying to force it down their neck and they may even come to like it over time.
Get them involved in the preparation
Involve your toddler in the food preparation - take them shopping with you and ask them which new vegetable or food they would like to try with dinner that week. This way they will become more familiar with food, understand what goes into preparation and know what they are eating without feeling like they are being lumped with food they don’t know about.
Sit down with them
Make sure you all sit down together as a family so that your little one understands that they eat what mum and dad eat. Be positive about the food experience and talk about where it comes from and how it benefits them.