Nowadays, you'll struggle to find an older child or a young teen who isn't walking around with their neck bent and their nose in their phone scrolling through social media sites or watching videos.


And while they are definitely not the only culprits to do this - we're all a little guilty - it’s important we, as their parents, do all we can to get them to put the phone down.


Don’t let them have their phone in their bedroom

Your tween will struggle to get enough sleep if they have their phone right beside them. Make it a household rule that all mobiles phones, yours included, are left on a table in the living room or the kitchen until the morning. This will ensure your youngster isn’t spending hours mindlessly scrolling through sites and missing out on valuable sleep.


Talk to your teen

Before you set any rules you need to sit down and talk with your tween, telling them why they need to put their phone away, giving them specific times like during dinner. It is also important you stick to the same rules you set for them otherwise they will feel like they are being treated unfairly.


Get them involved in games where they have to put their phone down

Your tween will struggle to look through their phone when they are running around a playing field, so sign your youngster up for sport activities, art classes or anything that will keep them occupied and entertained.


Give them consequences

Make them aware of any consequences that will happen if they do break any of your phone rules. One of the most effective way is to take it from them for a few hours if they do disobey you. The last thing they want is to be without their phone longer than they need to be.


Have phone time out

Whether it’s during the week or at the weekend, plan family time together where nobody has their mobile and you all just enjoy each other’s company without any distractions.