And today’s sweetest moment award goes to this stepdad, who presented his new wife’s daughter with a ring and asked her to be his daughter forever.


In the video, Diogo Bolant can be seen kneeling down to six-year-old Isadora before saying: “I want to ask you something. Do you agree to be my daughter forever?"


And that’s when the flood gates opened.



As Isadora became overwhelmed with emotion, so too did we as we watched the little girl burying her head in her mum Nicole’s dress before giving her new stepdad a hug.


Talking about the incredible gesture made by her new husband to Brazilian newspaper Extra!, Nicole, who knew it was going to happen, said: “We wanted Isa to participate in our wedding ceremony because she is at that phase where she loves all things about princesses and is in love with the idea of being a bride.”


Isadora’s biological father is present in her life, but Nicole says that Diogo and her daughter have an incredible relationship.


"Diogo has this love, a true love, and affection for her [Isadora] which is bigger than any title."



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