Around the onset of puberty, many girls will start to become more interested in their physical appearance. They will want to remove excess hair and begin using deodorants and fragrances; essentially they want to start doing what their peers are doing. There can be a lot of pressure amongst tween and teen girls about who is shaving their legs, using make up and the type of deodorant they are using. The question for most mums is when is the best time to start allowing this type of grooming?
Hair removal
With puberty, comes hair, in the armpits, on the genitals and thicker and more noticeable hair on the arms and legs. Many young girls will find this strange, upsetting and even embarrassing. When this hair arrives, your daughter may wish to start shaving or waxing. While there is no physical reason she can’t start hair removal, you may want to advise her that once she starts it very quickly can become a routine that she will keep for many years to come. It may be that she is not ready for the responsibility of it. Make sure that you tell her that just because everyone else is doing it, she doesn’t have to feel pressured. If she would like to start hair removal, you can explain to her the pros and cons of shaving, waxing and depilatories and help her decide what the best choice for her is.
 Deodorants and antiperspirants
When your daughter reaches puberty, the glands under her arms will start to become more active and she will probably need to start using an antiperspirant or deodorant. She will also need to take more care about her hygiene and shower every day. Select a deodorant that is gentle on delicate skin and advise her to use every morning and after showering.
Dental health
Your daughter will have many of her adult teeth now, so dental hygiene is of the utmost importance. You should ensure that she brushes morning and night and flosses regularly too. Dental health is particularly important at this age as they may need to start wearing braces. Make sure that your daughter is responsible about looking after her dental health. Regular dentist check-ups are also vital.
Many girls will have their ears pierced at a much younger age but for those who do not, there may be a lot of pressure to follow suit. If your daughter is interested in getting her ears pierced, you should remind her of the responsibility of looking after piercings. She will need to keep them clean, disinfect and turn them each day. A lot of young girls are so influenced by fashion that they will rarely think the decision through. It is important to discuss what is involved in piercings, such as the possibility of scarring or infections.