Juggling schoolwork, after school activities and trying to fit a social life in there somewhere can mean your teenager misses out on one very important thing – sleep.


While teens need at least nine hours of sleep each night to ensure their body is properly rested, it can be hard to get them to go to bed - they are more inclined to stay up late doing work or watching TV.


While your young adult will try to assure you that they aren’t tired, here are five signs you need to keep an eye out for:


They struggle to get up in the morning


Most of us aren’t very good at getting up in the morning, but if your teen is really struggling and are particularly groggy for a long time after they’re up they might need to hit the hay about 30 minutes earlier.


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They are struggling to concentrate


If your teenager is making silly, simple mistakes in their work or school assignments, it could be a sign that they are not sleeping enough.


In order to be able to complete tasks at hand, your young adult needs to be able to concentrate and they can’t do this if they are too tired.


Falling asleep in front of the TV


If you are finding your adolescent is falling asleep in front of the TV, especially during their favourite show it is a sure sign that they need to get to bed earlier.


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Relying on coffee/caffeinated drinks to keep them going


Your teen shouldn’t be looking to a cup of coffee or a sports drink to keep them going on a regular basis.


While we all experience a bit of a slump, having to resort to caffeine every single day is something that needs to be looked into.


They're forgetful


Not catching enough shut eye can leave your son or daughter with a pretty dodgy short term memory.


If you find they are struggling to remember where they put their phone or are forever leaving books in school they probably need to go to bed a littler earlier.