Victoria Beckham was gushing over Harper in a recent issue of Vogue Australia when she revealed the one thing that we, as mums, can TOTALLY relate to: her daughter has a better social life than her. 


Describing her five-year-old daughter as more popular than her, the 42-year-old said: "Harper has a better social life than I do" before adding that she has made lots of friends in school. 



"[Harper] works very hard at school and is very sociable, so has a lot of friends," she explained.


"My children are all very happy and that's the most crucial thing - they are happy, confident and secure in themselves." 


While you'd be forgiven for thinking that Victoria would have an endless supply of invites to parties, when it comes to kids the invitations to parties, playdates and just general fun days are ENDLESS - no adult could ever compete.



And whether it's after-school activities or family time, your kids' needs ALWAYS come before yours, even if that means you miss Friday night drinks with the girls (or celebrity get-togethers in Victoria's case!) 


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