Harry and Sandra Redknapp reveal their tip to a successful marriage

Harry and Sandra Redknapp know a thing or two about marriage.

The pair has been together for an impressive 54-years, after striking up a relationship at the tender age of 17.

They have been wed for 50 years and they've revealed their secret to maintaining their love for over five decades.


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We fell in love with the pair when Harry gushed over Sandra on I'm A Celebrity.

Although Harry was crowned King of the juggle, it's clear that his wife is the true Queen.

Sandra revealed the recipe to their relationship success is... that they never really argue.


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Opening up to Daily Mail's You Magazine, Sandra explained they "never go to bed on an argument".

"But we don’t really argue," she added.

And, the 71-year-old really means it, they didn't even get into it when Harry accidentally ran over Sandra's foot when she was hanging out the washing.


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Harry confirmed the marriage tip, saying: "I’ve only got to look at Sandra and I couldn’t argue with her."

Although marriage takes a lot of hard work, Harry said their romance is something that comes very naturally.

"I mean, we didn’t have to work at it. We just sort of fell in love and stayed that way," he added.

They're just so sweet together.