Each week, a bizarre story will emerge that will leave us wondering what has happened to the world – and Liz Dashwood’s tale takes the biscuit today.


Writing in The Pool, the British mum recalled how she was recently left shocked, when the birthday present she bought for her son’s six-year-old friend was rejected.


In her piece, The politics of gift-giving to six-year-olds, Liz outlined how the book she bought for birthday boy Marco was handed back – by his mum, of all people.


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“She took it in one hand and gave it back to me in the other, saying, ‘Marco doesn’t really like books – anything else would be fine.’ And sort of gestured in the general direction of the shops,” wrote Liz.


Naturally, Liz was left completely shocked by the rude gesture and the apparent suggestion for her to return the present.


“There was the not-just-accepting-a-present-any-present-with-grace-and-a-thank-you. There was the pandering to the child – he doesn’t like books? So what? He only gets presents he likes? His world is going to be destroyed if he doesn’t get 30-out-of-30 bullseyes?” she mused.


The rudeness aside, Liz – like us – was also left disillusioned by the idea that Marco is being deprived of the joy and nourishment of a good book.



So, did Liz head back to the shops and exchange the gift? Of course not!


“I hid the book on the present table when she wasn’t looking, and left…Happy birthday, Marco. I hope you like the book one day,” she added, dejected.


We probably already know the answer to this, but do you think Marco’s mum was right to hand the present back? Let us know in the poll below.