We'll admit it, trying to deal with our teens as they enter their romantic relationship phase can be difficult. One headmaster of a public school in north Wales, though, took a bold position against the concept entirely.


Toby Belfield, principal of the £34,5000-a-year (almost €40,000) Ruthin School, sent out an email threatening that students in relationships should 'expect to find new schools in September', the Independent reports.


While the head teacher has since softened his approach, saying that students 'will not be summarily expelled for being in a relationship', he still believes that students who are in a relationship around the age of 15 to 17 are 'at danger of academically underachieving'.



In his initial email to students, Toby warned that relationship status will affect his university references for students, writing, "It will always affect any university reference I write (meaning - any student in a relationship will definitely get a worse reference from me)."


The educator has since changed his tune, saying later, "If a student was achieving top grades (ie predicted 4/5 A* at A Level), then I would not hamper their chances of a university place by writing a less favourable reference, due to them having a boyfriend/girlfriend."


Toby claimed his email harshly condemning teen relationships was sent with the best interests of the parents and pupils in mind.



"Parents choose Ruthin School because it is a top ranking academic institution," he said of the 700-year-old school, "In my experience, students who are in a relationship, whilst at school, are at danger of academically underachieving."


Do you agree, mums? What do you think of romantic relationships during our kids' teenage years?


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