A lot of mums worry that their teenager is too focused on the present and are not really considering their future. Unfortunately, many teens can only see as far as the weekend (we totally get it!) and find it difficult to comprehend how their present affects things later on.


Here are some top tips to get your adolescent to start thinking about their future:


Support them in school


Allow your child to enjoy their social life but it is up to you to guide them on the right path. Teens want instant gratification, so encourage them to study and just like you would a child, praise them for doing well. Allow them to make their own decisions but get them to question whether they have thought about the consequences or the potential outcome. Encourage your child to think of the future but don’t insist they do it immediately.


Help them develop solid friendships


Friends and peers have a huge influence on your teenager’s life. Try to encourage them to be friends with others who are thinking of their future; what their peers think can have a huge effect on your teenager and how they view things.


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Make them feel secure


The relationship your youngster has with you is a defining part of how they perceive their future and any the decisions they will make. Remember, you are your teen’s biggest role model and they will look up to you to model expected behaviour. While they may not immediately take on your advice, your guidance should be enough to keep them on the right path until they are old enough and mature enough to take over themselves.


Build a personal base of values


Make sure your teen has a good foundation in education as this will help create a solid grounding in their future. The more the brain develops the easier it will be for your teen to make better decisions for their future.


A teenager’s brain is still undergoing development and won’t be fully formed until they reach their mid twenties. However, while they may find it difficult to see far ahead, they understand how their consequences affect their future and know how certain behaviours will effect it.