Going to the doctor can be a little daunting, and even more so for children. The fear of the unknown, instruments they will use and just generally being there can set kids into a spiral spin of not wanting to go.
While there is no need to fear the doctor, your little one’s concerns are usually brought about by listening to what other people say or how family members react when they themselves need to go. This can mean the first time they go is fraught with other people’s fear.
With the following tips you can help your little one get over their fear and look at a trip to the doctor in a positive light – in that they will get better.  
Don’t let them see your fear
If you are afraid of the doctor, never let your child see. Their fear will become more compounded if they see you are worried – your kids will look towards you too see how to handle situations.
Tell them what’s going to happen
Before they go, tell them what’s going to happen. Start from what the doctor will say when they walk in the room and what will likely happen. If you can, mention instruments like the stethoscope that were used on you before, always staying positive.
Don’t make a big deal about it
Try not to make a big deal about it. If, for instance, your son or daughter has a sore throat or a rash try not to mention any bad illnesses or any scary scenarios. This might stress them out and they’ll end up being more afraid of what will happen when they get there.
Offer them a reward
While we don’t suggest you bribe your kids, giving them an incentive to go to the doctor for instance a trip to the park after or a new book might help. If they are really worried say if they are really brave and do what the doctor says they will get to do something fun. This will give them something to focus on and think about.
Ask them what they are afraid of
Ask them what it is they are afraid of. Encouraging them to open up about any worries or fears will give you the opportunity to alleviate any of their concerns. By talking about it, it will also help them to put things into perspective.