You may not agree with everything Katie Price does, but it is clear that the mum-of-five is completely dedicated to her children, especially her eldest child, Harvey.


14-year-old Harvey has Pader-Willi syndrome, autism and ADHD, and Katie does all she can to include him in family activities, going as far as saying he “lives like a king”.


In fact, the 38-year-old recently described him as a “lucky b*****d” while taking part in the latest episode of Katie Price’s Pony Club recently.


Talking about his privileged life during the show where Harvey’s girlfriend Tia makes an appearance, the mum explained: "I suppose he is a bit like Stevie Wonder. I wouldn’t change Harvey for anything, I suppose Harvey just rules the house, he rules everything he is like the king."



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Harvey recently turned 14 and Katie admitted that it is not easy organising a party when your child has disabilities. 


"It’s not easy throwing a birthday party for a child with disabilities,” she said. 


“What was nice about his party is that people realise how vulnerable they are and they are so happy."



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Katie, who is a keen horsewoman and owns her own pony club, was desperate for her son to take up the reins, and was delighted when he did after his party.


“I was really hoping that Harvey could join in one of the events," said Junior during the reality show, while Princess added: "It’s good to have Harvey in Team KP because he basically joined the club."



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