It’s important that you get involved in your child’s online life. Use the parenting skills that you apply to every other aspect of your child’s life to help them stay safe when online. The best thing that you can do as a parent is to engage with what they do. Make sure that your child understands that you are always available to listen and help if they are ever affected by cyberbullying in any way.
Know your child’s internet and phone use
In order to be able to guide your child in their internet and phone use, it is important to understand how children use these technologies. Sit down your child to show you which websites they visit and what they do there. Acquiring knowledge of how children use technology can make it easier to make the right decisions with your child on their internet and mobile use.
Register as a contact on your child’s phone
Mobile operators in Ireland provide a ‘Dual Access’ service. This service allows both parent and child to have access to the account records held by the mobile phone company including;  numbers dialled, what the balance of the account is and what services are available to the child. This also means that certain services such as the internet may be barred or restricted on your child’s phone.Contact your mobile phone provider to request further information.        
Encourage respect for others
It's important that your child understands the importance in behaving correctly
Talk to your child about the harm that can be caused by cyberbullying and ensure that they understand what the consequences might be for everyone involved.
As a parent, you know your child better than anyone. You are best placed to identify and deal with any incidences of cyberbullying they might encounter. Children who have been bullied will have difficulty in overcoming this problem alone and will need your reassurance and encouragement in tackling it.