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How should I go about choosing my OB?

You are fortunate to be able to choose your OB. Use the questions here to help you make the most of your good luck and make an informed decision about who will provide you with the best prenatal care.

1.    If it is a group practice, what are the chances of your OB delivering your baby? Will it be the OB on call?
2.    Who will care for you if your OB isn't available in an emergency or when labour begins?
3.    What is the hospital affiliation?
4.    What is the caesarean rate?
5.    Does the doctor (or their associates) perform episiotomies as a logical course of action?
6.    What is the doctor's attitude towards patients having their own birth plan and personal preferences?
7.    How does the doctor feel about pain medication given during labour and birth?
8.    What are the after hour policies? Is the doctor available to answer questions between visits either via phone or e-mail, or is there a nurse who can provide answers and give advice?
9.    What experience does the doctor (or their associates) have with handling high risk pregnancies?
10.    How many babies do they deliver in a year?

After your first interview, ask yourself how you felt about it. Did the doctor really listen to your concerns and seem to be comfortable with your views on how the pregnancy, childbirth and medical should proceed? If the answer is no, to any question, keep looking.
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