Blending two families together is not unusual but trying to get everybody to live under the same roof comfortably can be problematic. One of the most frustrating problems is trying to get your children to accept their new parent or new siblings.
To ensure your new family gets along in no time, read the follow tips on how to handle sibling rivalry, discipline and boundaries.
Don’t force them together  
Don’t expect everybody to get on straight away and never force your little one to hang out with their new step parent or step siblings. With a blended family, there is bound to be rivalry among the kids as they vie for their parent’s attention.  
Allow them create personal boundaries
As your little one learns to live with more people, personal space can become a huge issue. If possible allow your youngster to have their own bedroom or a space that they can call their own. This way they can have somewhere to escape to when things become too much for them.
Handling discipline
This can be tough, especially if the children resist their step parent’s authority. For the first few months at least, it is advisable that each parent remains the main disciplinarian for their own youngster with the backing of their spouse. Over time, your children will develop a relationship with their step parent who will then be able to assert their own discipline.
Don’t take difficulties to heart
It is important to remember that your child is going through a particularly difficult time and may still carry resentment from their parent’s divorce. This can take time to resolve so always keep the lines of communication open.
Before you come together as a blended family, you must discuss your intentions with your children so that they can prepare themselves for the changes. A step family can take time to work as a fully functioning unit; however, with a bit of patience and perseverance, you will all learn to live together.