Kids are an active bunch - running around, playing, climbing and generally getting up to mischief - so it is important that they are properly hydrated to avoid fatigue and a dip in their concentration levels, especially during school.
A low-sugar potassium-rich drink is great for keeping little ones happy, hydrated and healthy. However, with so many different variety of drinks aimed at kids it can be hard to decide which one is best for your child.
Vita Coco understand just how important hydration in children is and so they have launched a kids range of their Vita Coco drinks.
Containing 100% natural coconut water and naturally occurring potassium, they are ideal for keeping little ones hydrated and energised.
The drink contains natural coconut water from young green coconuts, never from concentrate,  and they are blended with natural fruit flavours to make them more appealing to kids.  
Vita Coco drinks have 20% less sugar and less calories than other drinks aimed at kids, so mums can rest assured their kids are dinking something good.
The drinks are available in two different flavours - apple and blackcurrant and mango and pineapple – that kids are sure to love opening their lunchbox or sport bag and finding a carton in there.