With its myriad of important functions, vitamin D is a crucial nutrient for your family’s health.


Known as the ‘sunshine vitamin’ – because the body can produce it when the skin is exposed to UV sunlight – deficiency is particularly a risk throughout the winter months.


So with those dark mornings and long evenings between October and March, how can we make sure our family’s vitamin D is maintained?



Why vitamin D is so important


This essential vitamin is needed for our immune systems to function properly, and is also important for healthy muscles.


We always hear a lot of noise too about how our kids need calcium for strong bones and healthy teeth, but vitamin D actually plays a major part in the bone-building process, helping our bodies absorb calcium.



Easy ways to keep the family topped up all winter long

Drink fortified milk


One of the easiest ways to ensure your brood is topped up with vitamin D is to give them one serving (250ml glass) of fortified milk each day, like Irish favourite, Avonmore Super Milk. One glass will give them all the vitamin D they need for the day, while the added benefits of vitamins B, D, E, folic acid and calcium will help keep them healthy throughout the colder months.


Eat your vitamin D


During the winter months find inventive ways to incorporate Vitamin D into your diets. There are heaps of delicious recipes you can make with Avonmore Super Milk to warm up the family after a long winter walk. So why not include Avonmore Super Milk as the basis for delicious soups, macaroni cheese or family favourite hot chocolate?



Get outside 


As well as vitamin D, weight bearing exercise is also very important for ensuring bone health, so wrap up well and get outside with all the family for some active winter fun.


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