If your daughter is considering using tampons, you should advise her how to use them correctly.The following are a list of steps she can follow:
  • Firstly, wash your hands.
  • Remove the wrapper and ensure the cord is dangling outside the outer tube.
  • Next, gently pull the inner tube out until it stops at the bottom of the outer tube. You should hear a click.P
  • Next, hold the applicator in place with your thumb and middle finger on the grooved finger grip.
  • Gently place the very tip of the applicator into opening of the vagina and slowly push it inwards towards your lower back.
  • Keep easing the applicator in until it is inserted as far as the edge of the outer tube.
  • Then, simply withdraw the applicator gently and you’re done.
  • The tampon should be resting comfortably with the cord hanging outside your body.
  • Now, wash your hands again.
  • To remove the tampon, just relax and gently tug the cord.
  • If the tampon feels that it is tightly held, leave it a little longer (never longer than eight hours).
  • Once removed, the tampon should be wrapped and disposed of in the bin or flushed if there’s no bin is available.
  • You shouldn’t flush the outer wrapper or the applicator tube.