We have been happily celebrating the rise of the sports luxe trend for, oh, the past year, and there is good reason for its longevity: comfort.


From doing the school run, chasing after our kids and working through our home and office schedules, comfort is of major importance when it comes to our off-duty style. However, there is still this niggling voice in the back of our heads holding us back from rocking one of the hottest looks from this trend: trainers!


To inspire you to grab onto this trend with both hands, we are giving you some styling suggestions for your everyday wardrobe.


1. Start simple

Everyone from the celebs to the top fashion editors are rocking a pair of trainers with even their most sophisticated looks, and starting simple is the key to pulling off this look with confidence. While the High Street is chock-full of amazing and colourful styles, a pair of simple black or monochrome trainers is the perfect way to rock this trend. Whether wearing jeans, smart trousers or even a dress, swap your ankle boots for a simple pair of trainers, and voila – you will be surprised by how chic it really looks.



2. All about balance

Heading out for a coffee date or some shopping with friends? Instead of reaching straight for your go-to leggings and knee-high boots, try changing up your off-duty look by combining a smart trouser and overcoat look with your super-casual trainers. This look, balancing smart pieces with super-comfy footwear will have you looking and feeling fab and making a stylish fashion statement.



3. Go gung-ho

While some people will be afraid to tackle this trend in its full glory, it is so worth it. A pair of smart joggers (try loose trousers with elasticated ankle cuffs, or a simple black pair with a sporty side stripe) are a great staple this season, and will add a touch of relaxed sophistication to any outfit. Teaming them with your trainers and a smart sweater, with a white shirt layered underneath, combines the comfort and the chicness of the sports luxe look.



Tip: The golden rule here is investment in good key pieces, and experimentation. Even if it’s just 15 minutes in front of the mirror, invest that time in yourself to try out some new styles and looks.