The arrival of a new baby is a life-changing experience that brings joy and happiness to the family. While a baby sets the cycle of parenthood in motion, it also has a major impact on a mum’s relationship with her partner.


Here are some of the biggest relationship changes that you may experience after becoming parents.


You develop closer bond

Welcoming a child into the world together forms possibly one of the closest bonds between two people. From raising and caring for your child to making the big joint decisions, parenthood can bring you closer in way like nothing else.



It's harder to find quality time                                     

Between working and looking after your family, it can sometimes feel as if there aren’t enough hours in the day. This ultimately has a knock-on effect on your relationship and how much time you get to spend together. It also means that you have a greater appreciation of the time that you do get together, making it that bit more special.



You disagree with each other more

From disagreements over parenting techniques to dividing up responsibilities and household chores, you may find that you are clashing more than you used to with your hubby. Communication is key in this instance, and taking a timeout can give you a fresh perspective.




Your sex life may suffer

Sometimes sex is the last thing on two tired parents’ minds after a long day. Between just being too exhausted and the natural apprehension of being intimate after just giving birth, your sex life will inevitably suffer. Find other ways to be close and spend quality time together until the time is right again for both you and your hubby.



You grow more considerate of one another

From sharing the night feeds to volunteering for the nappy change when you know that your partner is just too wrecked to do it - you become more sensitive to, and considerate of your partner's needs during this time of change.