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I am looking for a facial serum, do you have any recommendations?

Serums are said to reduce wrinkles and fine lines that come with aging. They are a relatively new addition to our health and beauty regimes and can be costly. So, to take the stress out of choosing one, we’ve compiled a list of our favourites.
Clinique Pore Refining Solutions Correcting Serum
  • A lightweight lotion  
  • Minimises the appearance of enlarged pores over time
  • Can be used on areas with large pores, with or without makeup
  • For day or night use
Optimum Swiss Apple Overnight Skin Renewal Serum
  • Utilises vitality of Swiss apple cells to protect and enhance the performance of the skin's cells for smooth, radiant and younger-looking skin.
  • works while you sleep, when the skin is most receptive to repair
  • Leaves skin feeling intensely moisturised and regenerated in the morning
Caudalie Anti-Aging Serum for Eyes and Lips
  • Makes skin appear firmer
  • Noticeably diminishes wrinkles
  • Immediately tightens eyelids and firms the eye and lip contours
  • Diminishes chronic puffiness, wrinkles and dark circles
No7 Protect and Perfect Beauty Serum
  • Contains protecting and renewing ingredients to reduce the appearance of pores
  • Reduces lines and wrinkles in four weeks
  • Enlivens complexions
  • Contains a unique antioxidant complex that helps protect against damaging free radicals
  • Light, non-greasy and fragrance free
Origins White Tea Skin Guardian Serum
  • Origins has uncovered a key to longer-lasting look of youth, health and vitality - utopias own Silver Tip White Tea.
  • It helps banish youth offenders.
Soap and Glory Make Yourself Super Rejuvenating Face Serum
  • Collagen-stimulating and fine line eliminator
  • Contains a maize-derived proven wrinkle decreaser
  • Protects and hydrates skin
  • Contains ginseng and shea butter to soften and smooth
  • Results show smoother, healthier, firmer and younger looking skin
  • Most users see results after three consecutive nights of application.

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Serums are said to reduce wrinkles and fine lines that come with aging. They are a relatively new addition to our health and beauty regimes and can be costly. So, to take the stress out of choosing one...
A facial serum can reach into deeper layers of skin that a regular moisturiser is not able to get to. A serum, which should be applied after your toner and before your moisturiser, therefore can get added...
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