14-year-old Ruth Conlon has become a local hero after she bravely saved a teenage boy when he got into trouble while swimming in the local river last week.


Ruth was enjoying the sunshine last week at her local Ballisodare River when 14-year-old Wayne Doyle and friends went swimming.


“The boy was screaming for help and splashing the water,” she told The Sligo Champion.


“He was bobbing up and down. I just thought that I had to go in and try my best to get him out.”


When she realised that his friends couldn’t help him, Ruth bravely went into the water to try and save Wayne.


“The other boys were in shallower parts of the river. They couldn’t go in to get him because they weren’t strong swimmers.


“The current was strong. I could touch the bottom if I was fully under.


“I was just trying to calm him and get him out. I got him from behind and just pushed him out by his back.”



Ruth successfully got Wayne back to the river bank where he was in shock.


The teen is now being hailed a hero because of her bravery as Wayne’s parents thanked her for saving their son.


“His parents said if it wasn’t for me he wouldn’t be here. They were very grateful.”


But that doesn’t mean Ruth has accustomed to her new-found-fame.


“It’s sinking in slowly. People I don’t even know are congratulating me. Lots of people of all ages are coming up shaking my hand and saying ‘well done’.”


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