We've seen our fair share of inventive punishments here at MummyPages but this one has got to be one of the most hilarious methods we've come across.


After his son "invited over some of his hormonal and greasy friends for a session" against his father's wishes, this Cork dad has taken to DoneDeal to figure out which punishment option he should go with.


Either way, it's not looking good for his son's "splendid iPhone".


He is, however, showing some restraint by letting the public help him this difficult decision, and he outlines his options in the ad as follows:


"Option 1: I can sell the phone to buy some wipes, dettol solution, bottles of cif and general janitorial items to clean up the mess caused by those uneducated amoebas who called to the house that night and who thought they were great shur...... "




"Option 2: I go out the back and drop kick it over the wall." 



Although the party clearly pushed a button or two, we have a feeling it's the next part that pushed him right over the edge.


"I also found out that the son was smoking which I've informed him, if it happens again, I will take a team of surgeons to remove that fag from his arse."


But ever the salesman, he's asking for a "quick sale lads".


The phone can be yours for the small price of €9,000...but hurry, it has nearly 4,500 interested parties.


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