There’s nothing more draining than having to spend hours sitting in the car, and it’s not surprising to learn that some people try to take the edge off by resting their legs on the dashboard.


This is probably the worst idea you could follow through on, however, as US mum-of-three Audra Tatum learned two years ago.


Audra had a habit of resting her legs on the dashboard as her husband drove, and always assured him that if danger ever loomed, she would be able to get them down in time.


Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case back in August 2015, when a car pulled out in front of her family vehicle and caused a collision.


Despite what she thought, Audra was not able to pull her legs down in time, and she was left seriously injured.


While the rest of the occupants involved in the collision walked away with nothing more than bruises, Audra suffered a broken nose, ankle, femur and arm.



“The airbag went off, throwing my foot up and breaking my nose. I was looking at the bottom of my foot facing up at me,” she told CBS News.


“Basically, my whole right side was broken, and it’s simply because of my ignorance. I’m not Superman. I couldn’t put my foot down in time.”


Audra wound up undergoing several surgeries, and it took four weeks for her to be able to walk again. Even still, the accident has proven to be life-changing.


Emergency services worker Audra can no longer do her job properly; not only can she not lift patients, she is also left ‘in tears’ with the pain if forced to stand for more than four hours.


Audra has chosen to go public with her story in a bid to spread awareness and warn others off from making the same mistake.


“I keep telling everybody, you don’t want this life. You don’t want the pain and agony every day,” she said.


If you know anyone who is prone to doing the same during their car rides, be sure to share this story with them.