While some dads are easy to buy for, most dads are a little more difficult when it comes to getting that perfect Father’s Day gift. Despite our best efforts, we always end up buying the same gifts every year, not only for our own dad, but for our tot’s father as well. Here are just some of the inevitable gifts that most dads seem to get on Father's Day:
Ties are an easy and affordable purchase, especially for our tots. But after many Father’s Days, this is a gift that is bound to slowly build up for many Dads. But at least he will always have a choice when it comes to ties.
Mugs (best dad)
This is one gift that is guaranteed to be found in nearly every gift store and supermarket in the days leading up to Father’s Day. Every Dad probably already has a “Best Dad” mug, “No.1 Dad” mug or even a “World’s Best Dad” mug that nearly all of the kitchen cupboards are probably full of them at this stage. While you may think that you can never have too many mugs, majority of those cups are unfortunately not ideal for drinking and are better suited as ornaments.
Like ties, cufflinks seem like a practical gift purchase at the time. But while most Dads do need cufflinks, they will probably not fit in the time, to wear all of the cufflinks they’ve managed to collect over the years.
DIY Books (gardening, hobby)
While these books are always attached with the stickers that state it’s the “perfect gift for Father’s Day”. Many Dads even if they may need to, will probably never open any of these handy books, never mind read them.
Another item of clothing that is considered a perfect gift, for your little one to give to their dad. But no matter how sweet and funny those pair of Dad socks are, most Dads will still prefer the comfort of their old pair, even if they have holes in them.
Funny Dad Gadgets
Funny Dad gadgets always seem to make an appearance in time for Father’s Day. They seem like a funny gift at the time, but most dads will probably get one day of entertainment out of them and forget about it the next day.
There is always some “Best of Dad” CD collection especially designed for the Father’s Day. Many Dads have these, while some love the music selection, majority of the modern tracks are not to most Dads' tastes.