He is easily one of the most popular presidents the US has ever had, and it seems even little ones are shedding a tear at the prospect of Barack Obama leaving office.


And no one was more touched than mum Andrea Tomlin, when her young daughter Abella recently broke down in tears upon learning that there will soon be a new POTUS!


In a video shared to The Ellen Show’s Facebook page, tearful little Abella tells her mother that she’s going to need a lot of movie time and cuddles to make her feel better after hearing the bad news.



“My daughter Abella overheard me listening to the Democratic Convention last night, and she is pretty devastated that Barack Obama is leaving the White House…who isn’t?” wrote Andrea.


While the Tomlin family are obviously rooting for Hillary Clinton, it seems the thoughts of losing Barack are just too raw for Abella right now. Indeed, the poor little tot is so overwhelmed that she can’t even put her feelings into words!


As awful as this is for Abella, the video offers a heart-warming reminder of how beautiful a child’s raw, unfiltered reaction can be.


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