Mum Tara Matthews set up a GoFundMe page as a thank to raise money for a homeless couple who looked after her son’s dog, Mojo.


Tara’s son Sean, who has autism, was devastated when his Chihuahua went missing on November 4th.


However, following an extensive online appeal, the ten-year-old boy has been reunited with his pup – who was being cared for by a homeless couple who did not realise he was missing.


As a way to say thank you, Tara decided to raise €500 – a target she has successfully succeeded – to ensure the couple has the Christmas they deserve.



“Mojo went missing on the 4th of November and the couple have been loving and looking after our puppy, for the month that he was missing. They did not know that Mojo was a missing dog and looked after him,” Tara wrote on the crowd-funding page.


“We would like to open this page as a huge thank you to the couple for reuniting us with Mojo.


"A lot of people on social media who have followed and helped us on our search for Mojo have expressed their want to donate and gave us the idea.”


Urging people to donate what they can afford, Tara started the ball rolling by donating €100 herself.



“I'd love more than anything for them to have the Christmas they deserve, after what they did for us and help them out in any way that we can.


“Thanks again to everyone who helped us and kept a look out for our Mojo. We'd appreciate anything that you wish to donate toward this fund.”


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