ISPCC are offering free online webinars to parents about child safety online

With the online landscape constantly changing, it can be difficult to keep up, even for the most tech-savvy of parents. This can be worrying when we consider how much time children spend on the internet, but ISPCC have found a way to help.

To take away the scary prospect of falling behind with the online world, ISPCC are helping to equip parents with the tools they need to teach their children how to stay safe when they’re online.

With this in mind, ISPCC are also encouraging parents to teach their little ones not to fear new technology. 

ISPCC parenting lead Siobhan Harvey and Niamh Clarke, Manager of ISPCC Smart Moves programme, are hosting a one-hour webinar designed to help parents to learn more about online safety and to develop the key skills necessary to support their child on February 7. 

While this is a webinar for parents, it’s also important to involve your child in learning how to safely navigate online. So the following day, February 8, ISPCC is hosting a second, 30-minute webinar aimed at children aged 12 years and over, accompanied by a parent.

The aim of this series of webinars is to help parents and carers to recognise ways to interact with your child’s online world and day-to-day experiences. This will also allow young people to discuss their feelings regarding the internet in a safe space.

The goal is to encourage parents to reflect on how you might support your child to navigate the online world, as well as implement digital boundaries. 

ISPCC will provide guidance on how parents and young people can deal with cyberbullying and upsetting content online. They will also offer practical solutions and tips to help your child stay safe online.

These webinars will provide a non-judgemental place to ask questions, while also offering key take-aways in bite-size, easily digestible chunks. 

ISPCC knows only too well the importance of staying safe online. Children and young people tell the charity their concerns through their 24/7 Childline listening service, therapeutic services and Shield Anti-Bullying programme. 

ISPCC understands that parents, carers and young people are concerned that our increasing reliance on digital technologies are heightening feelings of anxiety and depression among our youth, and ISPCC are here to listen and to help.

To attend the webinars:

Parents webinar, Wednesday, February 7, at 7pm to 8pm. Click here to register

Parents and young people webinar, Thursday, February 8, at 7pm to 7.30pm. Click here to register