There is no hiding from the fact that the messages the media sends to young girls differs massively from those sent to young boys.


And these two magazine covers are proving just that.


The September issue of Girls’ Life has resulted in some serious backlash after its cover was compared to that of Boys’ Life.



With articles like ‘Fashion you’ll love’, ‘Wake up pretty’, and ‘Bye drama – The friendship rules #squads swear by’, the magazine is now being bombarded with messages from concerned parents.


While the girls mag boasts articles on personal appearance and summer crushes, Boys’ Life’s front cover is all about ‘Exploring your Future’ with content aimed at building a career and finding your passion.



The magazine isn’t escaping the backlash however, as many question why they only target boys when discussing this area.


In response to those comments, Boys’ Life tweeted a picture from inside the issue where it says:


“Exploring is the BSA’s career education programme for young men and women”.



Parents who are concerned about the message these type of magazines are sending have been quick to share their criticism. 



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