Thor star Chris Hemsworth has opened up about fatherhood and the struggles he faces.


The actor spoke to GQ Australia about his family life, becoming a father and his hectic career.


Chris admitted that his wife Elsa Pataky, who is well known for her role as Elena in The Fast and the Furious franchises, made a lot more sacrifices than he did when they started having children.


He said, “In terms of work, [my wife has] certainly given up more than I have.”


Chris, who is one of the biggest names in the Marvel movie world, says he spends a lot of time away from home due to his acting commitments. Filming Avengers: Infinity War has taken over the father's schedule.


The Avengers star said his wife wants him to cut back on his acting career, but he thinks that’d be a dangerous move, “I feel like I’m at this crucial point in my career – I’ve just got to set up for longevity or I’ll slip off."



He says that he completely understands where his wife is coming from, “She’d like me to step back and be at home with the kids more, and of course, I want that too.”


Chris revealed that being a father is the greatest honour, “That's been really refreshing, I've got to say, because it's so easy to become self-centered, particularly for me in this business.”


Becoming a father changes your life completely. Chris shared, “Once you have children, every instinct and every moment of your time is consumed by that.”


The Snow White and the Huntsman star said he always tries to find time for his wife Elsa, who he has been with for over seven years.



Papa ha vuelto!!/ Papa is back!!

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When you have a family, your children become your main priority, but Chris thinks it’s vital to spend time with your spouse, “We make sure to have date night even if it’s once in a blue moon because most of the time you’re just too tired.”


The 34-year-old actor lives in Byron Bay with his wife and their three children- five-year-old India, and three-year-old twins Sasha and Tristan.


The actor said moving back home to Australia was one of the best decisions they made as parents. He felt like the LA lifestyle was too toxic for his young family.


Chris stated that Los Angeles never felt like home to them, “You have nothing to draw from because you’re living in this world of pretending on and off the screen."