Well, we've been rather distracted since the Late Late Show couch hosted not one but TWO home-grown hotties at the weekend.


Cillian Murphy AND Jamie Dornan... what a treat (thank you, RTÉ One!).



And we're still laughing at that moment when - after a spot of protesting too much - Cillian admitted to having a full-colour copy of Jamie's arresting Calvin Klein advert in his downstairs loo (us too, Cill).


Host Ryan Tubridy couldn't resist flashing up a black and white snap of the now-famous campaign, although in response Corkonian actor Cillian threw out something of a dig.



Through a wry smile, he uttered: "I've never seen that before," before adding: "And I never want to see it again!"


"Well for a start that's not true," Jamie himself continued by way of a reply. "I've been to your house."


"You know the little toilet you have under the stairs?" the Down-man asked. "Wallpaper!" he jested while signalling to his Anthropoid co-star.



Cillian's response?


"Nah, that's the colour version..." 


A spot of tongue-in-cheek banter? We're choosing to believe not!


Watch the segment below:



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