Some mums come with the Martha Stewart domestic goddess gene in fully-functioning mode.


And for the rest of us... well, it’s not always so straightforward.


Not least as most mums are juggling a wealth of responsibilities: from the school-run and birthday parties; to tending to careers and looking after yourself too – yeah, it’s a bit of a minefield.



Oh, and then there are mealtimes to consider; in particular when there’s pressure to produce healthy, nourishing meals for the whole family.


Still, armed with a few simple tips and tricks, you CAN whip up delicious, good-for-you food in no time and with minimal effort.


Here are MummyPages’s six top tips...



1) Do a meal plan


Think of all the times you’ve walked into the kitchen scratching your head thinking, “WHAT will I do for dinner...” Menu-planning works though – and it can be implemented for breakfasts, lunches, and dinners as needed.


The system allows you to identify what you’ll be cooking in advance, meaning you’ll always have the right ingredients to hand.


It also cuts down on impulse buys and therefore should save you money as well as time.


2) Use your freezer


When you’re making dinner – double the quantity you’re preparing and pop the additional portion into the freezer. The policy will allow you to easily amass a stash of four or five meals, all ready to go.


Your freezer will also mean you can take advantage of supermarket deals and special offers, as well as keeping some convenience frozen food – like bags of peas or stir-fry veg – to hand.



3) Use leftovers


Leftover vegetables can be easily made into a soup or casserole; slices of meat from a Sunday roast can be cut into strips for a stir-fry; potatoes and other root veg can be mashed and used later as a side dish. If you’ve gone to the effort of preparing food – don’t see it then go to waste!


Again, this policy will also save you money.


4) Be savvy


Whipping up food from scratch isn’t always convenient or indeed, possible. Which is why we keep quick and easy foods to hand for those times we don’t want the fuss of preparing a complicated lunch or dinner.


In particular, Birds Eye Fish Fingers are a super option for time-strapped mums. Complete with the famed Birds Eye crispy crumb, they are an excellent way to introduce fish – long championed as something of nutrient-packed powerhouse – into children’s diets.


The original cod Fish Fingers are just as we remember them from our own childhoods, while the Omega 3 Fish Fingers are made with Pollock fillet – perfect for children who might like a milder fish flavour.


Both varieties are perfect for a lightning-quick lunch, dinner or as a snack. Paired with vegetables, baked beans, or even in a sandwich, they’re delicious and rightly remain a firm-favourite in Irish households.   



5) Consider a slow cooker


It might well be worth investing in a slow cooker; coming home to a hot meal which has been gently stewing over the course of the day is a real treat for busy families.


And far from being an antiquated gadget, the stylish models on offer now are easy-to-use and very versatile. As well as soups and stews, for example, they can be used for curries, fish dishes, and even the likes of baked potatoes and sauces.



6) Ask for help!


Too many mums take on too much themselves. Make sure to get the whole family involved – in food prep, setting the table, and cleaning up afterwards.


Ask for help in the supermarket too: get butchers to portion your meat into vacuum-packed bags, while fish mongers should skin, fillet, and bone fish so it’s all ready for cooking.


With generations of families growing up eating Birds Eye Fish Fingers, they remain a must-have stable in any kitchen. Ireland’s leading brand, the Captain still only chooses the best for his table. The options are endless with fish fingers but to start you off with some snack-inspo Birds Eye have created some quick, easy and tempting ideas to create your own fish finger sandwich masterpiece, each with a unique twist.


You can find out more here.