Know someone who needs a pick me up after lockdown? This gift is perfect

We could all do with a little cheer after lockdown. The past few months have taken a toll on our happiness level and the same goes for our friends and family. Why not cheer them up with this delightful new initative by businesswoman Aveline O' Sullivan?

The Galway businesswoman has built her business, Bloom in a Box, around delivering kindness.  And, her latest campaign, #JustBeKind, is designed to capture all the love and caring that Irish communities have rediscovered in recent months and to encourage people to be kind on social media.

#JustBeKind, launched today at encourages people to gift a single bloom to deliver kindness to friends and loved ones, especially when words sometimes cannot express what we feel. As part of the initiative, Bloom in a Box will donate €1 to Mental Health Ireland (MHI) for every order during the months of July and August.

Bloom in a box is one single flower, elegantly presented in a gorgeous gift box.  It has a water vial, so it reaches its destination in perfect condition, and looks stunning as a long-lasting pretty display around the home or at a bedside. 

Sunflowers, orchids, gerbera and peonies are among the selection of beautiful blooms to choose from.  And the site has inspirational and loving quotes to help the sender decide on an apt message to travel with their gift.

Despite the many stresses of late, the best of people was very evident, and it is important to hold on to the idea that kindness is powerful, Aveline O’ Sullivan says, "Social media can be a cover for unkind words and thoughts, the sad loss of Caroline Flack in the UK, and many horrible incidents across Irish social media in recent months, should be a reminder to #JustBeKind. Words posted on social media can have a huge effect on people so I’m calling for people to think twice before posting."

Bloom in a Box is a simple business concept launched by Aveline O’ Sullivan in Galway last year to reinvent the gifting of flowers. The company mission statement is to deliver kindness, one box at a time!

As well as being affordable, and quickly delivered in perfect condition, the single bloom is a subtle rather than ostentatious kindness, Aveline O’ Sullivan says, “A bouquet is not always appropriate at certain times, especially with sadness or suffering; whereas a single flower has power and meaning.  It represents a moment, and simply says I’m thinking of you”.

To deliver a moment of kindness and support mental health charities nationwide, Bloom in a Box gifts can be ordered on