Louise Thompson delights fans as she reveals ‘favourite present’ after 34th birthday

Louise Thompson has revealed what her ‘favourite birthday present’ is after marking her 34th birthday. 

The former Made in Chelsea star showcased her gift on social media, much to the delight of fans. 

After opening up about ‘not liking’ her birthday, Louise admitted that the heartwarming present she received from her two-year-old son Leo is ‘better than any physical birthday present’. 

Thompson wrote a message to her 1.4M Instagram followers on her Stories that reads, “Check my latest reel for ma favourite birthday present I got this year! Not sure anything can top it tbh. Ever”.

Louise shared an adorable Reel video of her son singing Happy Birthday to his mum while wearing a pair of her high heel boots. Louise's fiancé Ryan Libbey can be seen giving their son a helping hand. 

In the caption of the sweet post, the former reality star opened up about how meaningful the sweet moment from her son was before speaking about not loving her birthday.

She penned, “Better than any physical birthday present I could ever ask for… Leo learning how to sing Happy Birthday and chanting it around the house every day this week (by total chance)…”.

“I’m a bit funny about my birthday, I love other people’s, but not my own. I’m not entirely sure why, but for no good reason I don’t like to do anything fancy and I definitely don’t tell people about it in the run up to it. I don’t even take calls on the day. In fact one of my closest friends just messaged me to say ‘is it your birthday, you’re so sneaky’…”.

Louise continued, “So the picture I’m painting is… there has NOT been a [mouse emoji] murmur of the word B at home !!! Which is why Leo serenading me out of nowhere feels even more special and rather like one of those special gifts sent from above that I so often talk about”.

“Always landing at the right moment. Ya never know he might be the one to teach me how to love it. Ryan has nudged me in the right direction”.

She closed off the message by adding, “Ps. I’m sorry poor Leo you desperately need a haircut and I’ve been lazy. Pps. I don’t know how you keep finding those secret stilts I occasionally hide under my trousers when they’re far too long for me”.

Many fans headed to the comments to share how cute they thought the video of Leo is. 

One commenter said, “He is such a little dear and growing up so fast x”, while a second wrote, “Oh stop this is so precious! What a core memory”.

“So so cute !! Happy bday, this is adorable literally gold he’s such a sweet heart xxx”, commented another fan.