Chrissy Teigen’s family keeps getting bigger and bigger. The mum to one-year-old Luna has adopted another puppy and he is the cutest addition to her growing clan.


Chrissy posted a touching snap on Instagram. In the photo, her 18-month-old daughter Luna is cuddling their new puppy, who they decided to call Pepper.


Luna must take after her mum’s love of animals as she can be seen playing with her new puppy pal in the photo.


The former Sports Illustrated model also posted a video of the little dog waddling around her home. Pepper can be seen pottering around on the living room carpet and sniffing the other family pets. He is far too cute!



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John and Chrissy already have three other dogs. The famous couple have a French bulldog named Pippa, a three-legged Frenchie named Penny and nine-year-old English bulldog Puddy.


Fans believe the Grammy award winner and Chrissy have adopted two more dogs. Chrissy posted a photograph of Pepper snuggled up to another bulldog puppy.


She posted the adorable picture of the Bulldogs to her Snapchat account and wrote ‘send help’.


People are convinced Chrissy adopted both puppies, which means they now own five dogs. Let’s hope John helps with walking the dogs when he comes back from his European tour.



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Fans of the best-selling author were delighted to see she had adopted more puppies.


One person commented, “Aren't bulldogs the best thing ever! Ours is almost 2 and I still remember these days of his little barks and craziness.”


Another added, “Holy smoke!! Could you find a cuter pup?? Too awesome.”


Many fans praised Chrissy for choosing to adopt a bulldog, which is a popular breed amongst dog owners. One woman wrote, “Bulldogs are the best! We have two.”


Back in September, Chrissy shared a charming video of her daughter feeding her dogs. The mum shared that it was Luna’s first time helping out with the chores.



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Luna gently carries a bowl of dog food through the living room then places it on the floor, just in time for the pup’s dinner.


Chrissy praises her little girl throughout the video and can be heard saying, “Good job! Good girl Lu.”


The proud mum has shared that she wants to have another baby with husband John Legend. They announced that Chrissy will have their last frozen embryo implanted in the next few months.


We can’t wait to meet the next member of the family.