Miley Cyrus speaks out about relationship with parents Tish & Billy Ray Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has been opening up about her relationship with her parents. 

Miley is the daughter of Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus, who were married for nearly 30 years before they announced their divorce in 2022.

The Flowers singer decided to share an insight into how close she is with her parents and the different relationship she has with each of them. 


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Miley appeared on a new episode of David Letterman’s Netflix series My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, where she spoke out about her personal life. 

The 31-year-old admitted, “Honestly, my mom is my hero”, before explaining that the contribution Tish and Billy Ray made to her successful career “can’t be weighed on the same scale”.

Miley then compared how her parents were raised differently, which had an impact on how they chose to raise her.

“My dad had a really rough childhood. And my childhood - I mean, we can go and talk about the hard times or the struggles - but I had food, I had love, I grew up in a beautiful big house and my dad didn't have that”.

The former Hannah Montana star then revealed, “Without my dad, I know… who I am as a person wouldn’t exist. Because my dad as a creative and like, as an artist, and the way his brain works has always made me feel safer in my own mind”.

“He also has a relationship and a foot on the ground to nature and to the real. And he always did, even when he was super famous”.

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She went on to say, “I’m grateful for being able to watch him ahead of me. He’s almost like, given me this map, there is a map of what to do and what not to do,  and he’s guided me on both”.

Miley then confessed, “I also inherited the narcissism from my father”.

As well as sharing 31-year-old Miley together, Tish and Billy share 37-year-old Brandi, 35-year-old Trace, 30-year-old Braison and 24-year-old Noah. Billy Ray is also a dad to Christopher, whom he had during his previous relationship with Kristin Luckey.