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Milupa product trial feedback
21/02/2012 11:00
This is where our mummy product testers should write their feedback for Milupa products.
We're looking forward to hearing what you think.
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Milupa product trial feedback
10/04/2012 12:54
We received our trial package last week. My baby is just 5 months old, exclusively breastfed but we are weaning slightly early on Paed's recommendation.

We received 2 boxes. 1 of Banana Bedtime & 1 of Sunshine Orange along with a weaning spoon and 2 discount vouchers. Is it just me or has the Sunshine Orange changed in the past few years? I don't remember it having such a high milk content? The weaning spoon while a good idea is very hard and the baby isn't a big fan of eating from it The long handle would be handy for feeding a baby from a jar but I'm not sure my wee fella will like the hard texture.

We put the hard spoon to one side and started with Sunshine Orange over the weekend. I had to dish it up in a very liquid form as we've not fed him from a spoon before. He nearly drank it. The next batch I made a slightly thicker texture and he is beginning to adapt to it. He likes the Sunshine Orange but his favourite is the banana bedtime tbh. It has a strong banana scent and thickens very quickly so at the start when adding to the water less is more.

All in all I'm happy with the cereals and I will buy them again.
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Milupa product trial feedback
11/04/2012 10:18
Really enjoyed this trial, here are my findings!

I knew my little man was ready for weaning when started drooling a lot and started chewing on his toys. He would watch the rest of the family eating at dinner time, salivating and reaching out to us. The first solid food I gave him was Baby Rice.

I was aware of the Milupa brand as I had used Milupa products previously with my 2 year old.

Having cereals that are high in iron and vitamins are paramount in my choice of foods for my children. I think it is fantastic that Milupa cereals make it easy for me to ensure my little ones are getting these great nutrients.
I found using and preparing the products as easy as pie! I have his cereal ready for him in no time which is a big plus! My little man loved them both, he has a great appetite. I think he was extra enthusiastic with the Fruity Bedtime Cereal.

I have also been feeding him homemade meals such as butternut squash and sweet potato, baby spag bol and shepherd’s pie, stew, pureed fruit and also chopped fruit and veg, carrot batons, kiwi, toast etc and I feed him his solids before a milk feed.
I am a member of the Spoon by Spoon website and have got some great ideas and information from it! I have tried a recipe from the Milupa website since, the shepherd’s pie recipe which he loved so I will definitely try more in the future!
I have a cupboard full of Milupa cereals now and will definitely continue to buy them in the future.
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Milupa product trial feedback
11/04/2012 12:35
I knew my son was ready for weaning when he went from sleeping through the night to waking up looking for food even though he drank alot of milk during the day, I also noticed my son was drinking his bottle very fast and it didn't seem to satisfy him as it usually would so it was time to start spoon feeding him.

The first spoon-feed I gave my son was baby rice mixed with a little puree apple and pear.  The next food for him to try was the Sunshine Orange and the Banana Bedtime I received as part of this trial.

I was aware of the Milupa brand as I used Milupa products for my first son who also loved them, They are very convenient and easy to prepare his meals etc

I was most definitely happy that the products contain high in iron, vitamin C and calcium as my baby's nutrient and diet is of utmost importance to me. It takes alot of pressure from my shoulders knowing that Milupa have taken all the worrying out of preparing my baby's meals to ensure that are packed with all the necessary nutrients for aid my son's development.

I found it very easy to prepare the food for my baby with clear instructions on each box.

My son loved both products - I gave him Sunshine Orange in the mornings and Banana Bedtime for his supper before putting him to bed. He enjoyed both of them and feeding him these wonderful products was a pleasure.

I have been feeding other foods like pureeing some fruit mixes for him like apple/pear - he also likes banana.

For dinner I puree butternut Squash, sweet potatoe, carrot, peas but usually mix the peas and carrots with something as he doesn't like these on their own. He also likes baby rice, baby porridge & baby museli. And I feed his solid foods before a milk feed.

I wasn't aware of the Milupa Spoon by Spoon website, but I will have a look now and try some of the recipes for my son. I have been using Annabel Karmel recipes to date....

Most definitely would use the site...I am always willing to try new recipes

I already have many Milupa products bought for my son and I will continue buying your brand - it rocks!
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Milupa product trial feedback
11/04/2012 14:32
I was delighted to hear we were selected to give Milupa products a try.
I knew my son Evan(4 months old) was ready to be spoon fed as he was dribbling, chewing on his fist and his toys, he also stopped drinking his bottle if anyone near him was eating! The very 1st solids that I tried him on was a jar of food, which I only gave him 1/3 of. He did like it but then wouldnt drink much of his bottle so then his feeds were all over the place, so needless to say I stopped.
I received two boxes of Milupa, one Sunshine Orange and one Bedtime Banana. A spoon also came in post which I though was great! It was a smaller spoon than what I had purchased and Evan found it easier to take his food from it. It was easy to spoon feed him and he got excited when he knew what was coming. I tried him first of all with Sunshine orange along with his breakfast bottle. It took him till the third time to get used to it as I think he found it a bit bitter(he'd shiver and pull a face) but now he loves it and will need to buy another box tomorrow. He wasnt too fond of the bedtime banana, he kept spitting it back out, so I gave up after a few try's. When he eventually did take 2 spoonfuls though there was no getting his bedtime bottle into him, I would probably recommend trying this in between feeds instead.
I was aslo quite surprised to find that both products contained iron and vitamins which made it easier for me to test it. I went onto Milupa's website to check out the recepies and I will be giving them a go....
I would really recommend anyone starting weaning to try this product as it is so easy to prepare and inexpensive and does last longer than you would think.
I hope this has been of some help to anyone thinking of using this product and happy weaning! :)
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Milupa product trial feedback
11/04/2012 15:10
I received my milupa products for the trial the other week. I recieved fruity bedtime and creamed porridge. Which are from 6 months onwards. I also got a spoon and some money off vouchers.

I began to use them straight away. I have been trying for a while to get my little girl into a routine with feeding and weaning. At 4 months old she would watch me eat and mimic me so i knew she wanted to have something more than just bottles. The very first thing i started weaning with was actually the milupa banana cereal. She absolutely loved it! I also introduced some veg, yoghurts and rusks into her meal times. I was struggling maping out a clear food routine until recently when i recieved the products but now i have set meal times with me and earlier bed time which is going great. I was actually worried she wouldn't get the vitamins milk gives so i'm glad i have the milupa for some meal times as it has all them in it which was the main reason i was able to get into a good feeding routine with her. I love it for its handiness. It's literally ready in seconds rather than minutes so takes no time at all. so there is no rushing around and panicing when your baby is hungry and looking for food.
I think out of the 2 products my little girl loves the creamed porridge, it actually smells like cream or ice cream to me, I'd probably even eat it myself cos it smells so yummy. She eats a good big bowl of it everyday so i'm definately going to be buying this from now on!
Other than feeding her the milupa i have also been feeding her mashed up veg, some little jars of food too... but mainly stuff i've prepared myself as i like to know what she's eating. I also give her the odd yoghurt which she absolutely loves.

I think i started out weaning her in a wrong way. I'd start off with the food and i found she was full then and didn't take a bottle so i rearranged a few things and i now give her 4 bottles and 3 meals, one bottle on its own in the morning when she wakes, then her creamed porridge for lunch and her bottle at the start and end of that feed. Then in the afternoon i give her rusk and a bottle. Then she'll have dinner and some water. And then bottle before bed.
I'm definately going to keep up buying the milupa cereals cos she loves them so much, I'm going to even try a few recipes on the milupa website, i found it a couple of months ago when i originally tried to wean her.
Great products and i'd definately recommend any mammy to try them out when they're weaning first.

Oh and lastly, i'd recommend getting flexy spoons to wean with because i found that the hard spoons made it hard to feed my little girl with. Flexy ones let them get more of the food into their mouths and are soft on their gums.
Thanks for including me in this great trial LOL
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Milupa product trial feedback
11/04/2012 16:04
I knew my daughter was ready for weannig as she was very interested when we were eating, chewing her toys and never seemed satisfied after her bottle.She was also waking earlier in the middle of the night. Since she's started weaning, she has slept longer.  The first solid food I gave her was the Milupa Banana Bedtime as part of this trial

I was aware of the Milupa brand before the trial and had already stocked up on some products - Sunshine Orange and Fruity Rice

Its very important for me to know that my child is getting all the necessary nutirents and Milupa have great products that provide all this!!

I found the product very easy to prepare - instructions on the packet were very clear and easy to follow. Though i did feel the need to add more water as the consistency was very thick and my daughter did not like that.

Both products went down well, but overall the banana bedtime one she prefered. The scent of banana was very very good on this product.  I have also been feeding her mashed banana, carrott puree, parsnip purree and Milupa Fruity Rice.

I find that feeding her before a feed works best. 

I'm aware of the Milupa Spoon by Spoon website and am a member of this website. I find it great for information and recipes.  I would definitely try recipes from the site too - at the moment my daughter has just started weaning and is mainly having fruit or veg puree. But at a latter stage i will defiently be trying the Salmon Supper and Hearty Chicken Dinner recipes.

I have already bought more products!! Its a great brand and my daughter loves them.
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Milupa product trial feedback
11/04/2012 20:59
I was delighted that we got the chance to give the Milupa cerals a chance with my son. We got the Sunshine orange and the Banana bedtime cerals along with a spoon and vouchers. My little man was born big and still is big but has never been a hugh fan when it comes to his bottles he only drinks 4 bottles a day since he was 2 weeks old he is very lazy. At 4 months he started to look for bottles 2 hours after a feed so I desided to try him on solids to see if that helped we started him on creamy porrage from cow and gate and he wasnt interested at all. So we desided to leave him for another 2 weeks thats when we got the Milupa cerals and he loves them cannot get enough of them. I started him on the Sunshine Orange first and for the 3 nights gave him the Bedtime ceral but stopped as he wasn't taken his nighttime bottle for me and was waking during the night hungry. Last night I didnt give it to him and he drank his bottle and slept his usual long hours 8pm-8am (very lazy) I think we will wait another week or 2 before giving him the bedtime ceral again as it filled him up alot. I feed him his ceral 2 hours after his bottle and he gets his bottles every 4 hours. I will definitly stick to Milupa food he really enjoys having his sunshine orange and gets very excited when he see's his bowl. It is quick and very easy to prepare but I find you will use more Milupa ceral foods than other brands as you dont have to add in as much water as other brands therefore you use more ceral. Which would be hard for some parents that have hungry babies as Milupa cerals are the most expensive on the supermarket shops
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Milupa product trial feedback
11/04/2012 21:31
I started to wean my little one at 5 and a half months. I knew she was ready as she was very interested in what we were eating, chewing all around her and most importantly hungry still at night. Before being selected for this trial, I had already purchased some Milupa cereals to use as part of the weaning process and was delighted to receive my creamed porridge and fruity bedtime cereal as every little helps these days ! It is so easy to prepare and very portable meal when on the move, especially with 2 babies under 2. I havent noticed any preference for either product, she enjoys both blends and seems to love her food. I usually give the creamed porridge in am, veg / fruit for lunch and the fruity bedtime for tea. Along with the milupa products, I have been introducing pureed veg, fruit and will start on chicken, meat etc in the next few weeks. I have also noticed she is sleeping must better at night, so that is a plus. I tend to leave the milk feed to before and after, introducing cool boiled water with the feed. if she is not drinking her bottle I sometimes mix it with the milupa. I will certainly visit the Milupa Spoon by Spoon website for ideas as I'm always on the look out for recipes. I will certainly continue buying the Milupa products but will will re-sign up to the website to receive discount coupons as i did for my first. I would agree with other posts that the spoon could be a little softer. I would also find it great if there was a small measuring cup/spoon for the cereal as I find it hard to get the portion size right. Thank you for including me in your trial.
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Milupa product trial feedback
11/04/2012 21:47
I knew my 4 1/2 month old was ready for weaning as he had started waking earlier in the morning and wanting his bottles closer together during the day -  we started with cow and gate creamy porridge.

My son has been formula feed since he was 6 weeks, and we used Milupa Aptimal so I knew the brand.  I had also looked into different brands of food for when we started weaning.

Knowing what is in my baby's food is why I decided to prepare all his meals myself and only use products that clearly show what is in them for him so I was happy to know that Milupa cereals are high in iron, vitamin C and calcium. 

While I did find everything easy to prepare, I really dont like the packaging! I hate having to open a box which goes straight out to recycling, then open a bag which goes straight in the bin. I bought all new containers for the range of ceraels we now have. A box like the formula one would be so much easier.

My boy isn't a fan of plain babyrice, so i use it to thicken his cooked fruit or vegetable if needed. He absolutely loves the sunshine orange in the mornings, i think it is the smell mostly. He had Banana bedtime for the first time this evening and had only a few spoons before I knew he wouldnt finish it. Will try him again on it tomorrow.
I have also been feeding him stewed pears and apples, steamed courgette, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, sweet potato and green beans. I have tried him on fresh banana but he didnt like that.  He has half a bottle first to take the hunger away, then he seems to enjoy the food more. I offer him sips of water between spoons, and he then finishes his bottle after.

I am aware of the Milupa Spoon by Spoon website and have used it a few times! as a first time mum, I am really interested in equiping myself with lots of information, so I can make the best choices for my son, and family.  As my son gets older, we will be trying alot of the suggestions from the site.

He has really enjoyed his sunshine orange, so that is definatley on the buy again list, and as he grows, we will try other cereals as age appropriate.

I'd really like to add in closing, that I was so happy to be included in the trail, as I feel like I am being heard. I loved the discount vouchers, and while others have said the spoon is too hard, I find it brilliant, flexible and easy to use. We already had spoons with long handles, and didnt find this any different to use.
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Milupa product trial feedback
11/04/2012 22:11
Thanks for the opportunity! Here is my feedback. Cheers

He was a big baby at 11lbs so I knew he would go onto solids fairly early, but at about 5 months he started paying a great deal of interest in whatever we were eating. You should have seen those eyes, you'd think we were starving him...!
The very first solid food I gave him was Baby rice
I was aware of Milupa before signing up to this trial, he is on Aptamil as was my now 3yo when he was a baby. However, that was the only Milupa product I had used before this trial.
I was of course happy to know that the Milupa cereals are high in iron, vitamin C and calcium which are important minerals and vitamins for your baby’s growth.
Preparing the food was fantastically easy, in fact oftentimes a little to easy and he often finds himself having 2 meals a day with the cereal
He liked both the creamy cereal and fruity bedtime. Tonight I tried a lovely home made chicken and veg puree and he was having none of it, devoured the fruity bedtime instead.
I have given him pureed fruit and veg, yogurt/petit filous so far. He also loves rice cakes and toast - especially vegemite toast (yes his Mum is Australian)
I feed him before a milk feed except the morning bottle
I was aware that Milupa website has recipes, I joined and checked them out although I haven't specifically tried them out yet, but would be open to it. Basically he just gets the puree of whatever is in the fridge or what was for our dinner.
I would consider buying Milupa cereals sure, but to be honest there are other brands which are equally as easy to use, with similar levels of nutrients, vitamins and minerals etc. but which are cheaper and so they would be my first choice
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Milupa product trial feedback
12/04/2012 08:30
We received our weaning pack last week with Sunshine orange, banana bedtime, two vouchers and a spoon. I agree with everyone else in that the weaning spoon provided was too hard so I didnt use this when feeding my son as I had already bought softer spoons.
I knew my son was ready as he started to wake up earlier from his day time sleeps even though he was still tired, he was chewing on his fist and would stare at me when I was eating.
The very first feed i gave him was a couple of spoon fulls of rice and he almost ate the spoon aswell!
I had my son on Milupa formula. I choose this brand as I overheard a Mid-Wife say to another patient in the hospital that it would be the brand she would use if she had a baby.
I was happy to know that the Milupa cereals are high in iron, vitamin C and calcium - Absolutley, I want to be sure that everything my son eats in the very eary months/year has all the vitamins/minerals without any additives etc.
The Sunshine orange was very quick to combine however I found the bedtime cereal took a bit longer although still only a few minutes. However, the ratio of rice and water/milk I dont feel was correct for my son and I used to alter it to get the right consistency. I found once spoon or rice with one spoon of water was sufficient.
The bedtime banana was his favourtie. Im not sure whym especially because he won't eat a mashed up banana for me he just gags!
I have been feeding him wide range of pureed fruit, vegtables that I make up in batches and freeze.
For Breakfast - I fed after bottle, for Lunch - I fed with bottle for Tea - I fed before bottle
I had registered on the Miliupa website before this trial and have used various Milupa recipes for making my purees. He particulary loves the red lentil puree recipe.. I will continue to use the website as inspiration for meal times. I am very keen for my soon to try everything in the hope that he doesn't become a fussy eater!
I most definitley will be buying more when the boxes I have at the moment are finised.
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Milupa product trial feedback
12/04/2012 08:38

My health care nurse said he was ready for food he was always putting his hands in his mouth and wasn’t happy just on the bottle was always hungry. The first food I gave my soon was milupa sunshine orange and he loved it was a little runny putting the 2spoons of water to every one of milupa so I made it a little thicker the next day he seemed to like that a bit better . Was very happy to know that Milupa cereals are high in iron vitamin C and calcium, I like to know if the food is good and has the vitamins and minerals my soon needs.
It is very easy to prepare but I did find if you go by the box it is very runny and he liked it better a little thicker.
He loved the sunshine orange.
I also gave him milupa fruity rice witch he also liked .he is now on dinners which are all home made Suds and broccoli, sweet potato suds and carrots
I give it to him before his bottle.
I am aware of the milupa website weaning recipes, I found it very good. I have tried the sweet potato something I probably wouldn’t of thought of trying and he really liked it.
I will consider buying milupa cereals, he loves milupa and now my 5 year old wants me it get it for him he tried the sunshine orange and loves it so ill defo be buying it again.

Milupa product trial feedback
12/04/2012 09:28
My son is 8 months old. The products you sent us for trial were Creamy Porridge and Fruity Bedtime Cereal.

I knew my little man was ready for weaning as he was drinking his bottles a lot faster and not sleeping for as long in the night time. Also he was showing a lot of interest in my food. The first solid food I gave hin was Milupa Baby Rice.

I was aware of the Milupa Brand prior to this trial. My daughter loved Sunshine Orange when she was a baby. The variety is great with the brand and I am delighted to see that the cereals are high in iron, vitamin C and calcium.

I found preparing the food so easy, add a drop of boiled water and away you go.

My baby loved both of the products but really loved the Creamy Porridge, I think this was due to the plain taste of it, but I also add fruit to it such as stewed pear and apple, this adds to the taste and he is delighted then.

Since I started weaning I have been giving him, stewed fruit and veg, steamed ved, stew, mashed banana with porridge or baby rice.

I feed my baby an hour after his first bottle, then usually before his afternoon bottle and dinner time also.

I was not aware of the Milupa Spoon by Spoon website, I will check it out and i will certainly try some of the recipes.

I will definately be buying more of the cereals, they have been a godsend to me as he was a fussy eater previously.

Thank you for letting us be part of the trial.
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Milupa product trial feedback
12/04/2012 21:02
I knew my baby was ready for weaning when he was hungry again soon after a bottle feed. Also not sleeping through the night.
The first food I gave him was Baby Rice.
I was aware of Milupa before this trial. I was happy to know that the cereals are high in iron, vitamin C and calcium.
Preparing the food was easy but it would be helpful to have some sort of measuring cup.
He loved both products. He loves fruity things but still doesnt like meat or veg.
With 4 little ones under 5 years I've been too busy to make him food. So I've been feeding him jars mainly fruit, rice, custard or poridge. With a few meat/veg ones to get him used to the taste.
I feed him before milk with a sup of the bottle to wash it doen if her needs it.
I was aware that Milupa website has weaning recipes and I would be willing to try them.
The Milupa cereals are very expensive & I feel there is more value in the jars.
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Milupa product trial feedback
12/04/2012 21:48
Thanks for the opportunity to do this trial - we enjoyed doing it. :-) My little one is 6 months and 2 weeks. She is breastfed and is now on three meals a day.
We received the creamy porridge and the bedtime cereal (both for 6 months or more). We also received a free spoon. I found the spoon great and it has become our favourite spoon to use - easy to wash and easy to sterilise too.
I knew my baby was ready for weaning when she reached the 6 months mark and it is recommended that at 6 months if breastfeeding that you start weaning. I tried her two weeks before 6 months but she just wasn't interested. It is still a bit hit and miss at times. But I don't worry as I know the breastmilk is her main source of nourishment.
The first solid food I gave her was Baby rice. Again she doesn't seem to like this very much - I think its the consistency.
I had bought the Milupa sunshine orange cereal when i started her weaning. She liked this - pity though as she is 6 months now and it seems very watery.
I was happy to konw that the Milupa cereals are high in iron, vitamin C and calcium Yes. However it was interesting to see that the cereals are made from formula essentially. This was a surprise to me as i avoided giving formula etc as was breastfeeding. I was also concerned about giving two cereals in the same day - concerned about overdosing on vitamins etc.
It is quick to prepare. However the instructions on the packet could be clearer as to quanties etc - I found the cereal was very watery when i made it according to the two spoons rule so I had to adjust it. It would be great to have a quantity for age group on back (for example 6 spoons = 6 months etc). Even just so as to not waste cereal.
She liked the creamy porrdige. She is very sleepy at bedtime so there hasn't been a huge success with the bedtime cereal.
Other foods I have been feeding her are Carrot, sweet potato, swede, cauliflower (she didn't like this or potatoe), apple, pear, baby rice.
I give her milk feed first and than wait an hour and give her the solids. I find this works the best at the moment.
No I wasn't aware of the Milupa website recipes for weaning but yes I woudl be willing to try them.
I would consider buying Milupa cereals - I have two packets already bought and ready to use. They seem to be great cereals - very handy for breakfast!


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