A French mum and her three daughters have been stabbed by a lone man in the French Alps this morning; all four are being treated in hospital for their injuries.


According to the Independent, a 37-year-old man, who was holidays with his pregnant wife and two children, attacked the three children - aged eight, 12 and 14 – on their terrace at the Alps resort of Colombe at around 10 am, before moving inside to attack their mum.



Initial rumours had said the man from Morocco had stabbed the family due to their shorts and T-shirts, a claim that has been denied by a local prosecutor.


“I wanted to quash the rumour currently doing the rounds because on no account did this man make such comments about the fact that the attack may have been motivated by the victims' dress code," prosecutor Raphael Balland said at a press conference.


The mum and two of the girls are currently being treated at a local hospital; the eight-year-old has been transferred to a hospital in Gernoble with a punctured lung.


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