Lorraine Allaway, a mum-of two, believes that she got breast cancer as a result of carrying her phone in her bra for almost 15 years. 


Lorraine went for a routine mammogram earlier this year, which picked up on a “suspicious” lump on her left breast.


Subsequently, the lump was found to be cancerous, and Lorraine was sent in to hospital for emergency surgery to remove it.  


Lorraine told Wales Online that she now believes the disease may have been triggered through years of stuffing her mobile phone down her bra. 


"I’ve been carrying my mobile in my bra as far back as I can remember,” she explained. “When I worked for Cardiff Council years ago people used to laugh at me for doing it. My work colleagues would say ‘Lorraine, your boob is glowing again’."


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She continued, explaining that keeping her phone in her bra was convenient: “But I often used to miss calls when I put the phone in my bag as I couldn't hear it. Putting it my bra was easy access. Simple as that.”


Lorraine was invited to a routine mammogram when she turned 50, but explained that she had never worried about cancer - as she had no family history of the disease. 


“I didn't have any signs or symptoms, and there’s no history of cancer in our family, so it’s never been a worry for me,” she said.


"They didn't confirm there and then that it was breast cancer, but they did say it was suspicious. I was then invited to Cardiff for a further mammogram, and then sent for an ultrasound scan and biopsy.”


Luckily for Lorraine, her cancer was found early and was deemed highly treatable. 


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"The consultant told me I’d need an operation to remove the lump and surrounding tissue. If the tests were then clear, I wouldn't need chemotherapy. Thankfully it was.” 


The grandmother-of-two posted a message on Facebook, warning people of the risks of storing mobile phones in bras. 


Her post read: “The cancerous lump they found was in my left breast on the left side – exactly where my mobile phone would lie. Is this a coincidence? I don’t know, it could be.


“But I think it is very uncanny that my cancer was in the exact place where my mobile phone would be, don’t you? I know there is no proof but we have all heard stories connecting mobile phones to cancer.


“I know I am not the only one to put their mobile down their bra for safe keeping. Are you one of those that do? Then please STOP. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. I am one of the lucky ones, but my doctor said if it had been another 12 months then, well, it’s not worth thinking about.” 


What do you reckon, mums? Should phones be kept in handbags?