If there was a magical solution for getting our little ones to behave at all times, we’re sure parents would be beating down the doors to get their hands on it. It seems the answer could be closer than we think, however: in our own minds!


This is the claim of California-based mum-of-three Lisa Machenberg, who claims hypnosis can make good little boys and girls of even the naughtiest children!


According to an interesting new report in the New York Post, hypnotist Lisa swears by using mind-control on little ones – and is preaching the benefits of ‘hypno-parenting’ to any parent who will lend their ear.



The Post quotes Lisa as saying: “If we learn hypno-parenting, we learn how to hypnotise our children to be cooperative, peaceful, have containment and have good study habits, because they have focus and have more resilience out there in the world.”


And, after all, Lisa would know – she uses hypnotism on her children and her husband, to make sure they are pulling their weight around the house!


As well as delivering lectures to parents on how to hypnotise their little ones into good behaviour, Lisa charges a reported $125 an hour (about €113) for one-to-one sessions – and they’re proving overwhelmingly popular.


Would you ever consider using hypnotism on your little ones?


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