The mum of teenager Kyron Webb has dedicated an emotional poem to her late son. Kyron was attacked in Manchester on the evening of October 17.


The police have stated that the 15-year-old was stabbed in Worsley Avenue, Moston early last week.


He was rushed to hospital by paramedics with severe knife wounds. They said he was in a critical condition when he reached the hospital.


Unfortunately, he passed away in hospital yesterday afternoon.


His mum paid tribute to her son in a heartbreaking letter, which was released by the police on behalf of the distraught mum.


She looked back at the time when she was pregnant with her son, “I touched my belly overwhelmed as life kicked inside me. My smile shone bright as I weighed up the possibilities. ‘What would you look like, what type of man would you be. ‘What gifts and qualities would you bare, would you look like me. ‘Then you came into the world a strong fighting warrior.”



She continued, “At 8 months you walked, you spoke before one. You were blessed with wisdom, on the gifted and talented register you were placed. You were artistic, a singing voice like an angel and yes you had my face.”


The mum praised her talented young son, “Your talents were endless, what you touched turned to gold. Your deepest ambition to become an architect you told.”


Kyron’s mum shared his best characteristics in the letter, “Your heart was big, my protector my friend. You had a strength that prevailed to the end.”


She grieved for her son’s stolen future, “You had endless potential that everyone saw. Your potential was great, you had the strength to fly.”



She understood that the investigation will be a traumatic time, “During this investigation, so much will be said, but I will remember 15 years you were my baby instead.”


Kyron's mum ends the poem by saying, “I love you, sweetie, it’s time to fly. Your daddy's love will carry you by. Forgive me you hated to see me cry. Your dad broke down as he said goodbye.”


The mum shared that she will always love her son, “We were united in love, the three of us forever. As a unit, we remain forever and ever. Your departure has left a hole, a void, a pain. May his peace be with you till we meet again.”


The police have launched an investigation into the murder of 15-year-old Kyron. It is believed that they have arrested two teenage boys, who have been charged with the murder of Kyron.


We are thinking of Kyron’s mum and their family during this distressing time.