Time and time again, we hear reports about women and teenage girls being ‘fat-shamed’ or judged because of their looks, and this latest story seems to show that there is no age limit for being the target of body image-based bullying.


Mum and writer Caroline Stanley has made headlines this week for sharing a candid account of how her daughter – who is just eight months old – has been getting fat-shamed on a daily basis by complete strangers.


Stanley opens her piece by recalling a recent incident whereby a group of women on the subway called her daughter “mad chunky”. While she may have laughed it off, the frequency of which incidents like these are occurring has made her worry for her child.


“My daughter has been called mushy, huge, enormous, gigantic, and a chunky monkey, among other things…I even had a woman go as far as to explain that her daughter was once a big baby, but grew up to weigh only 98 pounds. She said it like she was trying to give me hope,” wrote Caroline.



The doting mum went on to explain how, at 22 pounds, her daughter is “mad chunky” – but so, so perfect: “I love her body – especially her arm rolls and this little place on the back of her neck that is the softest thing I’ve ever touched.”


What worries Caroline – and no doubt so many other mums and dads out there – is why people think it’s okay to fat-shame a baby, and what kind of issues it will create for the child when she is old enough to understand what people are saying.


“We live in a time where body-shaming is ever-present – especially for women. I find it deeply sad that people feel so comfortable extending that attitude toward an infant,” she added, frankly.


Have you and your little one experienced this kind of body-shaming?